Leverage World-Class African Technology Talent

Tap into world-class African technology talent to accelerate the delivery of your most important initiatives from our centralised Namibian technology center.


Build teams with prevetted/prequalified engineers with verifiable credentials.


Spend less time sourcing and onboarding candidates. Find the right team members quickly.


Find expertise to create new capabilities or complement your existing capability speeding delivery.

How do wE Work with you

By having a pool of talented preinterviewed/prevetted engineers across all skill sets, we can quickly staff your projects and get to delivery faster and at scale. 

Meet us

Start a discussion with us about your requirements

Select your team members

We match your requirements to a list of prevetted team members. You select your team members.


We ensure the team is onboarded into your organisation with the right tools, practises and culture.


We monitor the delivery, intervene if necessary and ensure your project is delivered to your satisfaction.

How we can help you

Build an app

Have us quickly deliver an independent app/website whether at production quality or a PoC/MVP.

Extend a team

Reinforce your own staff with specific skills from us to flexibly grow when your project needs it.

Build a Team

Have a dedicated team deliver an entire project or sub-component using an offshore development center model.

Value Proposition

  • Fast project realisation


  • Rapid innovation creation
  • Fast project start/completion

Value Proposition

  • Resource optimization


  • Maximising performance levels
  • Release management

Value Proposition

  • Rapid Scaling


  • Offloading non-core development (incl. moonshots)
  • Ongoing maintenance

We look forward to starting a journey with you today!